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At Sea With Lutron

At Home At Sea

At Sea With Lutron Lighting Control


At Lutron, total light control is the goal…for your home, for your office, and most definitely for your yacht!

Just as you take the helm to control your destination, with Lutron devices and  keypads you take control of light management aboard your vessel.

Lutron HomeWorks products can control lighting and shades conveniently from a single keypad. Total light control means that you can best manage your use of electric lighting by also taking advantage of natural daylight with the integrated positioning of your shades!
 The HomeWorks controls come in a range or colors and finishes designed to complement the decor of your vessel! It is no wonder that the world’s most demanding superyacht builders and lighting designers choose Lutron! Whether the concerns are aesthetic or practical energy saving goals, Lutron  cannot be surpassed.
 No one is more at home on the waves than Lutron!  And, you will feel at home with Lutron anywhere you cruise!