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Creating Just the Right Light ! …with ViSonic Systems Design & Integration of Lutron


 light and shade control systems!


Total home control is the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light, the temperature, and the power used by appliances in a room, or throughout your home in order to:

  • Save energy and lessen your impact on the environment
  • Add convenience to your daily life in adjusting lights, shades and temperature
  • Create just the right mood or ambiance for any activity
  • Add cutting edge technology to your home with wall-mounted, tabletop or handheld controls – or even remotely from outside your home

Ideal for existing homes and new construction!

Energy Saving Basics with Lutron:

Light control: Dimming a standard halogen or incandescent light bulb by 25% saves 20% lighting energy. Dim more and save even more. Sensors and a time clock also help save energy by turning off lights when they are not needed.

Shade control: Controllable window shades can save you 10% on heating and cooling costs by blocking the sun’s rays in summer or letting them in to warm a room during colder months.

Temperature control: Temperature control is the perfect complement to light and shade control because it provides the ability to adjust heating and cooling systems any time of day – even while away from home, saving up to 16% or more of heating and cooling energy usage.

Appliance control: Many appliances – like computer monitors – consume energy 24 hours a day accounting for 10% of a typical home’s electricity usage. Turning off this standby power as a part of a total home control system saves energy.