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Total Light Management Saves Energy!

Case Study – The New York Times Building, New York, NY

How does a 52 story office building with 1.5 million gross square feet and floor to ceiling glass walls save energy consumption with so much natural light streaming in? Lighting is an architect’s vital tool in realizing form and function in any space of any size. But, function comes at the cost of electricity. Learn how new technologies emerging from Lutron Electronics in 2009 and extensive testing led the Times Company to select Lutron’s Quantum light management solution. The precise management of daylight with  interactive adjustments of electric light levels and daylight harvesting achieved a stunning lighting energy savings of 70% and a savings of $600,000 in 2009 in the New York Times offices alone with Quantum!

The technologies developed for this dazzling building of offices and retail spaces, the concepts of daylight sensing interacting with shades and dimmers automatically are applied by Lutron at all levels of size and function. A building designed to use 1.28 watts per square foot of lighting power uses only .396 – 70% less!! What can total light control do for your space?


“Total light management represents the single greatest opportunity for energy savings in commercial buildings,whether retrofit or new construction projects.”

— Glenn Hughes, Director of Construction for The New York Times Company during design, installation and commissioning of The New York Times Building

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