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Your home is more than walls and a roof or a simply functional space. Here you experience comfort, romance, and peace of mind...your haven amidst the hectic pace of daily life. We respond to light in an emotional way and light creates the essence of comfort. From concept to functional reality, ViSonic Systems designs and integrates solutions for Total Light Control. We bring to our clients convenient and intuitive control of both electric lighting and daylight for energy savings and beauty. Let us show you our solutions!

"As the shift from horse and buggy to automobile changed how we experience transportation, moving from the switch to lighting control will change how we experience light.”

What's New at Home...

Enjoy the benefits of Lutron’s newest shading offering for the sophisticated management of daylight and thermal energy savings with Serena Cellular Shades.

Serena cellular shades are as beautiful as they are functional. They come in varying opacities from sheer and translucent to room darkening, allowing you to achieve the optimal level of light control and privacy for your space.

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At Sea with Lutron...

Lutron is not just for your home or office but your also your yacht! The world’s most demanding yacht builders and designers choose Lutron.

For integrated control of Lights and Shading on your yacht, please call ViSonic for a consultation.

No one is more at home on the waves than Lutron!

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Versatile Design Options at the Office

Integrated shading and lighting strategies give flexibility to your conference room/work environment. A shading system offers many options for technology, control, and fabric. Sheer fabrics for a meeting but blackout shades for an A/V presentation can be chosen. Create a uniform appearance from the outside while deflecting more daylight for increased energy savings. Preferred light levels and automated shade control are integrated for the perfect balance for productivity and application.
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